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This video is designed to help parents understand the benefits of participation in Interscholastic Athletics and Activities. They go farther than wins and losses! Feel free to download this video for use at parent and staff meetings.

Winning is fun. Winning is rewarding. Winning is an important goal. But the benefits of participation in interscholastic athletics and activities are bigger than wins – they go far Beyond the Scoreboard. Most of the enriching and experiences that you and your child will gain will go far beyond one contest, one season, or one championship.

Responsibility. Being a part of a team requires students to be accountable by upholding academic performance, punctuality, team dynamics and much more.

Work Ethic. Learning the value of exceptional effort is meaningful, as time well spent pays dividends throughout one’s life.

Cooperation. Students learn to get along and compromise, especially in challenging situations. Understanding team goals is a cornerstone to success.

Integrity. Playing by the spirit of the rules and understanding the difference between right and wrong will have a lasting effect on building trust with others.

Adaptability. As a member of a team, your child may be exposed to a variety of unexpected changes, such as injury or a coach’s unexpected decision.

Competitive spirit. As your child goes through a season or a school year, the desire to improve and win can be a driving force in the success your student attains.

Respect. Showing proper concern towards others, is a core value of the principles of sportsmanship, and carries over into life outside of competition.

Self-control. The ability to retain emotional balance during the course of a competition or in practice is an important piece in your child’s development.

Confidence. A true belief in oneself comes through the experience of having a good work ethic, being prepared, and knowing that you gave your best effort.

Fitness. Participation allows your student to become involved in a routine that improves their physical, mental, emotional and nutritional fitness.