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The Parent Seat

"The Parent Seat" has been designed for coaches and athletic directors to use during their pre-season parent meetings. It explains the role of a parent during game day and provides suggestions on how they can cope with the roller coaster of emotions that they will feel. Feel free to download the video and use it in your presentation! It may take a take a minute or two to download.


As a parent, there are many feelings and emotions that you will experience during your student’s participation in interscholastic activities. For students who are motivated to be a part of a team, it can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for everyone. Sitting in The Parent Seat requires thought and discipline. It is NOT an easy seat!



Develop an awareness. Recognizing that you may be part of the problem in the stands is the first step to addressing it.

Understand the benefits that participation in interscholastic activities provides your student.

Embrace the growth and development of your student. Taking a “hands-off” approach can allow the student to gain confidence and independence.

Visualize yourself as a respectful spectator and emphasize to your student they should enjoy the experience, and above all, have fun.

Consider exercising before the event. A short walk, deep breathing, or a few stretching exercises may be helpful to relieve stress.

Participate in a relaxing activity, such as reading a book or listening to music before an event or other event may help provide a positive state of mind. 

Take a break. If your emotions begin to escalate while in the stands, a brief “timeout” may help you reset your emotions.

The 24-hour rule. If you ever feel compelled to confront a coach, take 24 hours to collect your thoughts and allow your emotions to settle.

Be responsible. You are a role model and it is important to understand that not only is your child watching you, but so are other participating students.

Support your student. Tell them that you love watching them participate or how proud you are of the sacrifices they make to be part of a team.